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Business Opportunities

Business Opportunities

The Prepaid product market has been evolving and growing at a tremendous rate with more and more basic services being offered through prepaid. As the only company currently having an online solution that does not involve any credit card transactions, no lengthy registration process or the divulging of very personal information of their users when registering, Prepaid24 is ahead of the pack, and wants to keep it that way.

It is the belief of management that the Prepaid24 solution can be applied in a variety of environments to offer the prepayment solution that clients enjoy and trust. Already, markets are opening up to the concept within the Healthcare environment.

At its core “prepaid” is a payment platform and a budgeting tool that helps individuals manage their resources on a micro level.


Products serviced on our payment platform


Current products are: Cellular Airtime , Prepaid Electricity  which is our largest and fastest growing product line, as well as ADSL data. Selling the current bouquet of products is almost coincidental, when the products that are really on offer are client satisfaction, comfort, safety and simplicity…


Business Opportunity: the Prepaid24 Affiliate Program


Prepaid24 offers dynamic individuals the opportunity to earn passive re-occurring income, in a non-retail environment, without the hassle of cash handling, debtors, excessive administration and labour challenges.

  If you are:I

  • An individual who values people and have a genuine desire to make a difference in the lives of others;
  • Someone with business acumen looking for a tried and tested business model that facilitates re-occurring passive income;
  • A dynamic go-getter;
  • An entrepreneur that does not want to be bogged down with stock, cash handling and labour issues;
  • Willing to commit time and energy into marketing (exhibitions, one on one etc.) to facilitate awareness of the prepaid products;

If you are interested, contact us via the Category "New Business" through the contact us section of this website. 

Please include a short description of yourself and why you think you will be an ideal candidate for an opportunity at Prepaid24.


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Good service. Prepaid24 are there for you 24 hours and they will help you no matter what. Posted via HelloPeter by Simphiwe from on 27th July 2017
Exceeded my expectations. First time user of Prepaid24 and from the start to the end, I have received absolutely fantastic service. I was given more option over the phone for a more easier way of loading my electricity every month. Super awesome service everyone! I definitely recommend family and friends to use this provider! Thank you very much. . . . . Posted via HelloPeter by Candice from on 27th July 2017
Best online service! Prepaid24 is just one of the best online services I have ever used. Thanks to the consultant who assisted me and made me understand everything. Big up to the team and Prepaid24. Posted via HelloPeter by Thandeka from on 27th July 2017
"Thank you, Prepaid24 for the excellent service. It is always a pleasure to deal with Prepaid24. If you have not signed up with them do yourself a favour and do so. It is so fast and easy" Posted via HelloPeter by Sandra from on 26th July 2017
Excellent service received from Prepaid24. I contacted Prepaid24 for token not received. A consultant helped me and within few minutes I got my token. I take my hat off for Prepaid24's excellent service. Posted via HelloPeter by Patrick from on 26th July 2017
Prepaid24 is Tops!!! Thanks for the speedy service! Posted via HelloPeter by Walter from on 26th July 2017
Great online service from @Prepaid24 👌🏻 And thanks for the live chat help. Saved me with some prepaid elec tonight! 👏🏼 Posted via Twitter by Roxy from on 25th July 2017
Great Service Prepaid24! This company is an example of what excellent customer service should be. Have been using them for years and they have never failed me. Both normal purchases and enquiries are dealt with promptly and with exemplary efficiency. Posted via HelloPeter by JB from on 24th July 2017
Excellent service from Prepaid24 on my new registration. I have just registered with Prepaid 24 and oh what a pleasure to use. Simple to buy tokens and only need to do normal EFT to saved beneficiary. Thanks, you have certainly lightened my burden. Posted via HelloPeter by Eddie from on 24th July 2017
GREAT SERVICE! Thank you Prepaid24 for the help. Posted via HelloPeter by Yolandè from on 23rd July 2017
Needed help with setting up an account and a Prepaid24 consultant helped me. Brilliant service, well done. Posted via HelloPeter by Gawie from on 23rd July 2017
The Prepaid24 consultant assisted me promptly and very professionally when I had a problem. He went the extra mile to solve my problem at a very late hour. Thank you for excellent service Prepaid24! Posted via HelloPeter by Rolanda from on 22nd July 2017
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