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See comments from clients after they have used the Prepaid24 Platform, that is available 24/7 to buy prepaid electricity for Cape Town, Ekurhuleni, Johannesburg, Tshwane, Eskom and elsewhere.

The 24/7 online support team was very patient with a senior who made a lot of mistakes when registering on Prepaid24. They help made it possible to go on and make my payment for prepaid electricity with no hitches! Posted via HelloPeter by Quintus from Pretoria on 1st May 2015
Brilliant....I must commend Prepaid24 on their query resolution efficiency and the 24/7 online support!! Posted via Live Support by Nico from Eskom on 27th April 2015
Slow prepaid token delivery. Queried and the 24/7 online support resolved within minutes in a pleasant and efficient manner. Thank you Prepaid24!!! Posted via HelloPeter by Maryc from Johannesburg on 27th April 2015
I don't know where Prepaid24 gets their 24/7 online support team but every support experience I have had has been exceptional!! Thanks for all the help and answering my difficult questions. Posted via HelloPeter by Kangopie from Johannesburg on 25th April 2015
Fantastic and efficient service from Prepaid24!! Keep it up!! Posted via HelloPeter by Volente from Cape Town on 25th April 2015
I made a mistake with my reference number. I used the 24/7 online support and they assist me very professional and in a very friendly, helpful manner. The airtime I purchased was uploaded within 10 minutes since I contacted them without any problem although I made a mistake with my ref. nr. Thank you so much for resolving my issue Prepaid24. Super convenient online site!! Posted via HelloPeter by Anita from Johannesburg on 24th April 2015
I bought prepaid electricity through Prepaid24. Instead of the usual email message with the token numbers, I received a SMS asking for the meter number and municipality. I contacted the 24/7 online support, giving them the required detail. They handled my query very efficiently, sending met the required voucher numbers without any fuss. Highly recommended!! Posted via HelloPeter by Hannes from Hartebeespoort on 21st April 2015
Goeie diens Koopkrag24, min wat mens sulke vinnige goeie diens kry. PUIK!!! Posted via HelloPeter by Johan from Pretoria on 19th April 2015
Bought prepaid electricity and did not receive my token. So I went on to the 24/7 online support within in few minutes they assist to help sending my token. This was a very excellent experience as I was worried that I will ran out of electricity soon. Thank you Prepaid24 for great assistance. Posted via HelloPeter by Ernst from Johannesburg on 19th April 2015
I unfortunately used the old ref number while doing the EFT which delayed my receiving the token number by 2hrs. When I went to the 24/7 online support, they took my query and in less than 5mins I got my token. I was super impressed. Their 24hrs support really does exist!! Impressed!! On a Saturday 20:00...WOW!!! Posted via HelloPeter by Sandra from Pretoria on 18th April 2015
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