Clients' Comments

See comments from clients after they have used the Prepaid24 Platform, that is available 24/7 to buy prepaid electricity for Cape Town, Ekurhuleni, Johannesburg, Tshwane, Eskom and elsewhere.

The 24/7 online support team helped me with my query, they were so patient. We need people like them in this industry. I give them 11 out of 10. Prepaid24 keep it up, you are the best!! Posted via HelloPeter by Avas from Johannesbburg on 21st July 2015
I signed up last week and, I must say, it's really so refreshing to have a service that works! Every time! Can't praise this service enough-no more standing in queues. Posted via HelloPeter by Inge from Cape Town on 21st July 2015
I purchased R3000 worth of electricity with Prepaid24 for various meters and did not receive any tokens due to some incorrect information I submitted on the site. Within 5 minutes of sending my problem to the 24/7 online support I got a response from them who sorted all my issues out within 15 minutes. Thank you so much Prepaid24, what a pleasure to deal with! Posted via HelloPeter by Hayley-Ann from Johannesbburg on 16th July 2015
A huge thumbs up to Prepaid24. I had issues re-registering on Prepaid24 and at 23h00 they were there to assist me and get my email address changed and answer a few questions for me to get their bank account loaded. I am super impressed that I was able to do this outside office hours and with such courtesy and politeness my problem was sorted out in no time at all. A huge big thank you to Prepaid24!! Posted via HelloPeter by Bridgette from Cape Town on 16th July 2015
An overall pleasant experience, very helpful and knowledgeable. Posted via HelloPeter by Ilona from Johannesbburg on 13th July 2015
I had a problem with Prepaid and contacted the 24/7 online support. They were helpful and friendly and sorted out the matter in a professional and efficient manner. Thank you Prepaid24!! Posted via HelloPeter by Henriette from Pretoria on 9th July 2015
I made a payment to my municipality, instead of Prepaid24. When I didn't received my tokens, I wasn't happy at all. I contacted the online support and they assisted me when I only then realized my mistake. They were friendly, and very supportive and even "forgave" me my mistake. Posted via HelloPeter by Hanli from Johannesburg on 2nd July 2015
Prepaid24 is great. They were able to resolve my query in minutes. Thanks once again for your help and friendliness!! Posted via HelloPeter by Shawn from Cape Town on 1st July 2015
I would just like to thank Prepaid24 for the excellent service in assisting me registering and making a purchase through their company for prepaid electricity. I will definitely make use of Prepaid24! Posted via HelloPeter by Lana from Cape Town on 1st July 2015
I registered online but made an error with the reference number. I used the online support and they explained my problem. Standard Bank still did not reflect my payment but after sending through a proof of payment, they arranged for me to get an electricity token. This was sorted within 50 minutes from my first contact until I received the token. This action by the online support prevented us having to work in the dark and they showed the true meaning "Going the extra mile" Thank you Prepaid24!! Posted via HelloPeter by Len from Johannesburg on 30th June 2015