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See comments from clients after they have used the Prepaid24 Platform, that is available 24/7 to buy prepaid electricity for Cape Town, Ekurhuleni, Johannesburg, Tshwane, Eskom and elsewhere.

I made a payment to my municipality, instead of Prepaid24. When I didn't received my tokens, I wasn't happy at all. I contacted the online support and they assisted me when I only then realized my mistake. They were friendly, and very supportive and even "forgave" me my mistake. Posted via HelloPeter by Hanli from Johannesburg on 2nd July 2015
Prepaid24 is great. They were able to resolve my query in minutes. Thanks once again for your help and friendliness!! Posted via HelloPeter by Shawn from Cape Town on 1st July 2015
I would just like to thank Prepaid24 for the excellent service in assisting me registering and making a purchase through their company for prepaid electricity. I will definitely make use of Prepaid24! Posted via HelloPeter by Lana from Cape Town on 1st July 2015
I registered online but made an error with the reference number. I used the online support and they explained my problem. Standard Bank still did not reflect my payment but after sending through a proof of payment, they arranged for me to get an electricity token. This was sorted within 50 minutes from my first contact until I received the token. This action by the online support prevented us having to work in the dark and they showed the true meaning "Going the extra mile" Thank you Prepaid24!! Posted via HelloPeter by Len from Johannesburg on 30th June 2015
Thank you Prepaid24 for providing a fantastic service. I always receive my prepaid electricity tokens quite speedily after purchase. I occurred a delay tonight upon purchasing a prepaid electricity token, and one of your consultants at the online support team, assisted me very speedily and professionally in retrieving the delayed token due to the backlog created by the increased volume of purchase. Posted via HelloPeter by Wayne from Johannesburg on 29th June 2015
Huge thumbs up to a great, easy to use system. Definitely recommended to those who loathes standing in queues to buy electricity within normal retail hours or rushing to a service station to buy electricity before your last unit runs out. I also received a notification of when the new increased electricity tariff will be in effect, just in time to stock up on some extra units. Well done!!! Posted via HelloPeter by Wayne from Johannesburg on 29th June 2015
Fantastic service!!!!!!!! Love the online support....even on a Sunday!! Posted via This Website by Juanita Coetzee from Hartbeespoort on 28th June 2015
We have just taken ownership of a new home in Cape Town and I decided to register with Prepaid24 as I used their service for 3 years in Gauteng and always had GREAT results and support when needed. I registered the new meter incorrectly and Prepaid24 kindly assisted me in getting it correctly registered and in a short time, I received my recharge pin. Thanks again for the seamless assistance! Posted via HelloPeter by Snoopy from Cape Town on 26th June 2015
Best service I have ever received. Hassle free. No need to first drive to find an outlet that is online. Quick, hassle free 24hour service. Brilliant. Posted via This Website by from Mogale City on 25th June 2015
The best way of purchasing prepaid electricity. No need to withdraw money first then looking for an outlet. Supports every single metre suppliers. Quick registration, get the information quick. Love the system. Posted via HelloPeter by Annelize from Johannesburg on 25th June 2015
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