Prepaid ADSL

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Prepaid electricity - Recharge Prepaid electricity online, via EFT
Prepaid Cellular - Recharge Prepaid airtime and data online, via EFT. Contact us, or see the status of your municipality! Prepaid24Xtreme banking details - Find banking detail to recharge now. Corporate / Multiple Platform Frequently Asked Questions



Recharge your ADSL with a prepaid Axxess ADSL voucher

  • No credit cards or debit orders needed!
  • No paper work or faxing!
  • 24/7 online recharge via SAFE, quick and easy EFT 
  • No need to pay any ISP monthly for internet access. (except for existing ADSL line rental)
  • Or supplement your existing ISP broadband account.
  • Bandwidth balance is carried over to the following months - only expires after 3 years

Follow these easy steps to buy prepaid ADSL vouchers

How do I use the Axxess prepaid ADSL voucher?

Other products
Now you can recharge your Prepaid Electricity as well as Prepaid Vodacom, MTN,Cell C and 8.ta airtime and databundles in a similar way.
If you want to be able to recharge more than one cell phone with a single EFT, please visit our Corporate/Multiple Platform and follow the easy steps by providing all the details there.