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With Prepaid24Xtreme, making it so convenient to buy your prepaid electricity, try to affect your transaction with Prepaid24Xtreme when you have at least 2 days electricity left ( 100 units +), this way, should there be a delay at any third party (banks, municipality, service provider), it will not have an immediate effect on your day to day living.


Your Electricity meter number is usually an 11 digit number (could be shorter) and contains no letters of the alphabet. If you are not sure what your number is, look on a previous voucher slip and you will find the number there. E.g 04076555165

Note Our technology makes it possible for transactions to happen in real time. But we are dependent on 3rd parties that we have no control over. These parties are the banks, municipalities and cell phone service providers. If any of these parties are down, transactions might take a bit longer. Should this happen we will always try to post a bulletin on our Facebook pages and the electricity page.

If you didn’t receive your token in 15-20 minutes there is a good chance that there is a problem with one of these third parties. If you have not received your token within 20 min, please complete the contact us section on or support pages, remember to supply us with your electricity meter number, cell number and municipality. You can also send through proof of payment. By doing this you will ensure that you will be recharged in the fastest possible time.


In spite of third parties services, 99.2% of transactions take 10 minutes or less through Prepaid24Xtreme.


If you qualify for FREE electricity units, you will be receiving two codes to punch into your electricity meter. Remember to punch in both.


You can download our Prepaid24 Mobile App now for Safe and Secure access to Emergency Electricity Tokens - stored for those unforeseen circumstances.


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