Clients' Comments

See comments from clients after they have used the Prepaid24 Platform, that is available 24/7 to buy prepaid electricity for Cape Town, Ekurhuleni, Johannesburg, Tshwane, Eskom and elsewhere.

I really battled to get a second account registered online and the 24/7 online support assisted me. They had a lot of patience and explained every step clearly. It is normally extremely frustrating to get assistance on an online support facility. Especially when one is short of time! But I am truly thankful for the awesome service they provided. What a blessing. Posted via HelloPeter by Rolanda from Johannesburg on 17th March 2015
Prepaid24 been very good, we are very appreciative of your assistance. Having you assist me on a Sunday morning has really impressed me. Posted via Live Support by Chistian from Durban on 15th March 2015
I used the 24/7 online support for the first time and it was great. Thanks for the awesome service and great website. Posted via This Website by Cheryl from Johannesburg on 13th March 2015
I bought prepaid electricity from Prepaid24 and I didn't receive my token via sms. I contacted Prepaid24 and got speedy response. Thank you! Posted via HelloPeter by Andries from Western Cape on 12th March 2015
Every second week I require a token and the 24/7 online support services are nothing short of excellent. Whether it be any odd time they always online and responds within seconds. Great service and attitude! Keep it up!! Posted via HelloPeter by Kevshen from Johannesburg on 12th March 2015
The 24/7 online support at Prepaid24 was quick and efficient! They sorted my query in no time! THANK YOU PREPAID24!!! Posted via HelloPeter by Petri from Johannesburg on 10th March 2015
Thank you Prepaid24 for speedy service! Posted via Live Support by Zane from Eskom on 3rd March 2015
Website is great!! FANTASTIC!!! Posted via Live Support by Anelle from Cape Town on 3rd March 2015
Service @Prepaid24 is excellent!! Posted via Live Support by Chantal from Paarl on 2nd March 2015
I have always received professional assistance and a speedy response to my queries from the 24/7 online support. A pleasure to deal with excellent service!! Posted via HelloPeter by Jacquie from Johannesburg on 27th February 2015